Saturday , September 25 2021

End of March News

Curva Nord, Italy

Starting a bit differently, our update on our news today! We must give our congrats to our great brother Lenny Bottai for becoming last night the Intercontinental Champion at boxing (photo below)!

Now,as for our team.. We had a victory at the home game against Bologna with a 2-1 result..

After that, we faced Torino on an away game.. Sadly, we didn’t see a proper performance by our team which led to a 3-1 defeat..

And..we came to our latest game,also away against Atalanta.. With players out cause of injuries and red and also yellow cards, we were forced to change our way of playing.

Adding to the problems, we sadly saw our team play without any passion and without the will to fight for a positive result..So,the defeat came “naturally”, with a 2-0 result.

As always when Antifa duty calls we are there and we did exhibit our solidarity for the brutal murder of our brother Berkin in Turkey (photo below).

Currently Livorno is at the 18th place on the table with 24 points, ahead of Sassuolo and Catania. We are “chasing” Bologna and then Chievo, to move upwards and hopefully secure our salvation and to remain at Serie A.. Sadly Bologna and Chievo receive a..”special” treatment by the Italian Football Federation.. We must fight till the end..We are Livorno!

Rebel Ultras