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All Rebel Ultras Community Members get:

  • The Rebel Ultras “Membership Pack” with RU goodies sent to your address.
  • Access to periodic special offers at the RU shop.
  • Email access to latest news.

Rebel Ultras is home to some of the world’s most renowned Antifa Ultras groups. Stretching across four continents and expanding every year.

For over a decade, Rebel Ultras has stood firm on its founding principles:

  • To fight against all forms of Fascism and right wing extremism.
  • To actively and fiercely resist any form of discrimination.
  • To support the notion that sports and ultras culture are inherently interconnected.

We are a network that actively unites Antifa groups from across the globe in a spirit of solidarity and common action.

We are a network that helps our member groups grow through active support and exchange of experiences, knowledge and ideas.

Above all, we are a network that supports the growth of the Antifa Ultras network as a whole, as well as the individual groups that comprise the Rebel Ultras family.

Become a member of the Rebel Ultras community and assist us in strengthening our actions.