Saturday , September 18 2021
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It’s not a friendship, it’s a BROTHERHOOD

M-Side, Netherlands

Standard and FC Den Bosch: Its not a friendship…its a brotherhood!

For over 25 years the friendship between FC Bosch M-Side and Standard Liege is intense and seems to be more than that: a brotherhood. Last month supporters of the both visited each other several times and increased their already strong relations which lately are also being taken over by the younger generations that comprise both of the groups.

Sunday 2 February: FC den Bosch was playing Willem II from nearby city Tilburg and of course the Hell Side was there with a big group of 60 people  to support the boys and girls of the M-Side. In the end FC Den Bosch lost but the match was full of passion, tifo and even a pitch invasion looking for a confrontation with the Willem II scum. (photo)

Saturday 8 March: a group of over 50 young M-Side supporters went to Liege to celebrate the birthday of PHK (supporters group of Standard) and see the match Standard Liege – KV Mechelen. After the usual handshakes and visit to the home of the Hell Side they went to PHK and did a great corteo from the local bar to the stadium. In the stadium a big tifo was organized and the party continued. (photo)

Through the friendship with Standard Liege, M-Side supporters are in contact with several antifa/antira groups around the world. Last week FC Den Bosch M-Side old skool fan “Lange” visited the brothers of Omonia Nicosia together with the Hell Side (photo M Side flag in Gate 9 Paphos Fanclub) and during the same period M-Side’s “Itaned” went to Tel Aviv to meet up with the Hapoel UHTA. In this way new friendships seem to grow and our big Antira/Antifa family seems to grow even stronger!

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