Saturday , September 25 2021
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Red Guards United

Red Guards logoWe are Red Guards United fervent fans of the glorious Independiente Santa Fe, Starting from the counter-cultures and thus from the militant anti-fascism, we consider a convergent way of endurance and carnival, with our own ideologies of the youth who does not believe in the bullshit of the media and assumes his life critically and constantly personal and group growing.

We hold our fists up, with the desire to encourage and cheer and giving everything of us, we want to win our rights, stop being spectators and become actors in our own lives, therefore the radicalism is also present in each of our Actions; both inside and outside the stadium.

We identify ourselves as a social gesture that resists to the oligarchy, the current economic system, the values of capitalism and modern football that aims to fill the pockets of a few, aside passion, and therefore, our team: Santa Fe. In the reality in which we live we have come to find in the streets and the stands as antifascist fans, inherited a passion with a common history, the construction of a dignified life, with true character of justice in peace and of course the unity of Latin American peoples. In this space we think of a different way of seeing and living football, without being limited to merely observe in a “sportive” manner, but we understand it as a scene where passion reason and action are not separated, where what motivates us its the love for Santa Fe; Even if our team is home or away, in good times and bad, doing what we do best which is to dress our historical grandstand red and white in every contest and make it a party, a party that the fascists won’t ever enjoy.

Added to this responsibility with Bogotá as young people, with the country in every neighborhood, every village, in every ghetto, juvenile expression of meaning through art, music, hooligan, theater, football , politics, anti-fascism and if necessary at the barricade.

Finally, regarding them as an indispensable part of our history, we want to acknowledge the efforts of individuals and organizations who daily resist the murderous monotony of this dictatorship hidden under a cloak of false democracy, giving assured that we will continue the work the people have entrusted to us and the responsibility that we assume every day with more commitment, and resistance.

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