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Sector Latino

Sector Latino LogoSector Latino has its origins from back in 2005, when several Latino fans of the Chicago Fire started attending the matches side by side with Section 8 (The main supporter group section).

Sector Latino was consider to be one of the many cells Section 8 has thru its terraces, alongside FireUltras98, Husaria, partisans, red scare, ultras red side, whiskey brothers and many more.

But the style of Sector Latino was different from the rest of Section 8, added to that, many of the other supporter groups in Section 8 came from a Polish background type of support and right wing symbols were seen often in that side of the terrace, something Sector Latino is against do to the fact we are a multi-racial group and are against any type of racism.

As immigration continues in the U. S. mostly from Latin America, more Latinos started to show up in the MLS stadiums, thus this and the signing of the player Cuahutemoc Blanco help the Latino fan base join in and grow.

After a couple of years with Section 8, Sector Latino and the Fire FO  came to an agreement to have different side of the stadium to do their own type of support, as the front office saw the Latino fan base growing, they saw the opportunity to have more season ticket holders in the Latino fan base section, and Sector Latino was giving a different section from S8.

At present times Sector Latino and Section 8 maintain a friendship and often do calls and responds during matches at the stadiums, and both supporter groups stand together against fascism and racism and have done several demonstrations in Tifos and banners to show our standing in the terraces.

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