Sunday , December 5 2021


BandidosWe are the Bandidos. A collective of socially conscious supporters of Phoenix Rising FC. We are composed of individuals of all ethnicities and walks of life who’ve supported their local side since day one. We strive to bring an international mix of support styles as well as a message of anti-racism and anti-fascism to the stands. We started in 2017 with a handful of hungry individuals, now we’re numerous. We’re as much a part of our community as we are of the ultra Sub-culture.
We have worked hand in hand with local organizations to bring solidarity to the streets such as with the anti-Trump demonstration of 2017, the LGBT fundraiser of 2018 and we have our eye on more community engagement. Phoenix Rising FC is the rebranded club of Arizona United beforehand, and the Phoenix Wolves before that. The local side has been part of the city since 2013. Our members have been following the side since it’s inception in the third division

Rebel Ultras