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White Angels Zagreb

WAZ LogoWhite Angels Zagreb or in Croatian “Bijeli Anđeli Zagreb”

The name is first mentioned in 1989 and is officially registered in 2000. But the generation that become 100% Antifa and Antira started going in matches around 2006.

There are three generations of WA. First one from 1989.-1996. That one was just like all other group in Croatia during the war. We even had some members of BBB in the crew then. Numbers then were around 50. So the group was pretty much nationalized with a lot of Croatia flags.

Then the second generation came around 1999 and we founded the fan-club.

In 2002 our club won the first league and our numbers went to 200. After that football mafia entered the club and started their robbing and destroying the club that lasts even until today.

Around 2006 the third generation started its path, with a lot of punks, skins and other alternative scene members. Then we started to send Antifa messages. Soon local AFA people started to go to the stands, So now we are a group of around 35 and we support our own fan owned club called ZAGREB 041. Club is founded on 01.12.2014 and is comlitly fan owned and run and it plays in croatia 7th division. First and only antifa and antira club in Croatia and former Yugoslavia.

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