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Ultras Hapoel Tel-Aviv

Hapoel Tel Aviv was founded in 1927 by working class people in the city of Tel Aviv.

They founded the team after they declared they hated maccabi tel aviv (which was the only team then, and they resigned from them) mentality which was to make business out of sports – to make money and profit.

Hapoel means “the worker” in Hebrew. Its colors are red and white, you can imagine why.

Hapoel has 13 championships and 14 cups and one Asian championship cup.

Our home stadium is called “Bloomfield” and its capacity as for now is 15.000. it is considered one of the best stadiums in Israel.

Ultras Hapoel was founded in 1999. it was first founded to fight against corruption in the basketball team. The name was “HAYEZURIM” which means “The Creatures” (Hayezurim Logo to the left)



One year late, the group started to take care of supporting the team, and started making flags, banners and other things like this. It was a new thing in Israel that days. At the year 2001 the group changed its name to “The Red Militia” (Logo to the Left) . More and more banners were made, and the support to the team in games was more organized and strong. The name was picked in order to define our political point of view.

Later on this year, the name was changed again, and now the group was called “Ultras Hapoel” (Logo to the Left).



Ultras Hapoel is a left wing group, which supports coexistence with our fellow Arab-Muslim Israeli neighbours. The political background is not based in any particular political party in Israel, although there are some “labour party” supporters, the political background is based on acceptance and coexistence with all other inhabitants of this country.

One of the good actions Ultras Hapoel took over in this season, was helping the Darfur refugees that came to Israel. before game we would collect clothing and other supplies for them, and t hen bring it over to them, for their use. These kind of social actions are what Ultras Hapoel are interested in.

Zionism in its original definition is long gone and past away from this world. Zionism has been replaced by nationalism, aggression, fascism and racism. Israeli nationalism is one of the worst we know. The depression of Arab-Muslims is very wide, the discrimination is totally unbelievable and we try, in our own way, to demonstrate and show our stand against it. We are against the occupation and the policy of the state of Israel, and sometimes we try to demonstrate it in games and outside of them. All other supporter groups of other teams call us “Hizballah”, “Israel haters” and “Arabs” and this can explain to you how they all see us, and what we stand for and what is our point of view.

Some of the members of Ultras Hapoel sympathise with anarchist group and way of life, but it is not like a base of the group.

Ultras Hapoel is known as the only left wing supporter group in Israel. We are the most organized in this matter. There are some left wing activists in other small supporter groups, but they don’t demonstrate their point of view inside their groups.


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