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History of Navajo

Navajo new logoThe fan group Panahaiki NAVAJO existed as an idea , and after discussions materialized during the season 2004/2005 , and since then support the club of Panahaiki at every opportunity in all sports and activities, on and off the pitch .

The name NAVAJO originated after the Indian tribe , and symbolizes the autonomy and independence , courage and fighting spirit , and dignity of the Redskins.

The decisions of NAVAJO are determined through general assemblies, where decisions are unanimous. The basic principles are the self-organization , autonomy and equality , while the main character is anti-fascism and anti-racism .

In this framework, the NAVAJO are independent , and firmly opposed to any kind of economic – and not only interests that have to do with the commercialisation of life and football . Life and sport is not a commodity . By extension we are against ” modern ” football and ” industry ” that serves the interests of public limited companies and wants the fans to act like sheep in a mode of endless consumerism, without them possessing any consistent views and ideas , while viewing the ultras as the personal “army” who is manipulated by the chairmen of clubs…we are AGAINST ALL OF THESE.

We are firmly opposed to this system that produces terrorist laws in relation to sports actions, puts cameras and repressive mechanisms inside the stadiums and tramples every trace of human rights , civil liberties and privacy. In such a situation the healthy followers of all groups can be football ” opponents ” for 90 minutes, but no enemies . The enemies are not in the colors of the scarves of each opponents nor is the enemy in a different color or race of people.

The stadium is part of society , and on this basis we strive to create a terrace filled with vibrant colors and which is an advocate of consciousness.


Navajo in Action:

Last Year’s Pre-Season Kickoff

This season’s Volleyball game vs olympiacos


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