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Guardia Rossa LogoGuardia Rossa, that’s us together!


We are a group, that established itself, to maintain the football tradition of the Ottakringer [ed.: Ottakring, district of Vienna] steelworkers even in the 21st century. This tradition is based on the foundation of „SC Red Star“ in 1903.

Regarding this history, Guardia Rossa wants to support the „SC Red Star“-squad in a loud, lively and creative manner – at our homeground and away. Therefore we will not tolerate racist, antisemitic, antiziganistic, nationalistic, homophobic or sexist chants and speaches in our block at all! We define ourselves as friends of the traditional Viennese football culture and all it’s rich historic facets. We will always stand up against discrimination, that refers to gender, origin, color or sexual orientation.

Besides that, it’s our concern to improve the infrastructure of „SC Red Star“ for our friends, fans and visitors of course without forcing the Club’s commercialization.

Further it is relevant to us to express our political opinions that not only correlate with the game itself – next to the pitch as well as abroad the field. We are a terrace that is explicitely antifascist and regularly takes up position to controversial social topics. In this concrete context, „antifascist“ to us doesn’t „just“ only mean to be against nazis. We are conscious that these opinions may not be appropriate to everybody, but despite this we contemplate the football field as a political field! Inherently we will not search for contact violence but we will always be prepared to protect our group, affiliated people and our moral values.

Love Red Star – Hate Fascism


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