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Frente Rojiblanco Azuaga

FRA logoAt the beginning of the 2009-10 season a group of young people started to support CD Azuaga in some matches. The team was in Primera Regional, the last division in our region, and this season got promoted to Regional Preferente. At this time, the group already had a name: Frente Rojiblanco.

It wasn’t a very well organized group. There were about 60 young. While the group progressed and organized many people left the group. In 2010-11 season there was only about 15 members but they was the most committed.

For season 2011-12 the group decided to improve the support: new flags, material… There was a little increase of people, about 20-25. At same time the group started to be politically orientated. In the next year the group was growing up, improving the support and increasing the number of members. For 2012-13 there were about 30-40 in stand.

That year the group rented a local that still open. This was an important step because this served to increase the group union. Now we are as brothers and this is caused by the incalculable hours that we have spent in the local.

At the end of 2012-13 season the team got promoted again. Team advance to Tercera División (4th Spanish division). In this division we were expected by our brothers of Frente Azul (CD Zafra ultras). The group have increased a lot: about 70 persons in the stand (with a core of 20 persons) and  new sections: Old School (the oldest members), Molotov (most political members), Comando Brocha (tifo makers) and Aguante Femenino (female section).

We can now proudly say that Frente Rojiblanco is a consolidated group commited with the fight against fascism, racism, business football and maleness. We also claim for the importance of modest football.

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