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Brigata Manicomio

BRIGATA MANICOMIOBrigata Manicomio was founded in 2102 by people who represent an anti-fascism movement in Lecce and gives its support as well to an independent football team named Spartak lecce.

The aim of the movement and the team itself is to spread the genuine spirit of soccer even in the smallest realities as suburbs and small town around the province in the name of respect , antiracism and anti-fascism.

It also claims the importance of soccer as a way of aggregation and integration between people promoting at the same time a morally fair and correct game of soccer against the game that we daily see on TV affected by corruption and monkey business.

Our team promotes Multi-ethnicity and unity of different countries people , we also like to truly support our team by standing by the field and on the steps cheering our players game every fuckin’ Sunday ! We also celebrate the memory of our comrades with the banners of Dax, killed by the fascists in 2003 in Milan and Carlo Giuliani, killed in 2001 by the hands of the State during the G8 summit in Genoa.


Our fan base is created by more adoring reality’ of the Lecce’s independent fan scene and supports in such a way. So has our team been created in similar respect and in genuine idealistic foundations.

We host the two most important events of football anti-racism/anti-fascism of the region:

1. The “FOOTBALL WITHOUT BORDERS”, an anti-racist football tournament now in its sixth edition with more than 25 registered teams of different nationalities, from Morocco to Montenegro, from Srilanka to Brazil, and

2. The “NO RACISM CUP”, anti-racist summer Mundial  now in its 4th edition, with participation and adherence from all Italy, especially all the comrades of the Quartograd Naples, our brothers and sisters in the field, in the stands and in the bars!




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