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Brigata Giallorossa

Brigata Giallorossa LogoThe “Brigata Giallorossa” was born in 2005, when a group of friends decided to counter the dreary general life found in Südtirol, with a trip to watch the futsal team G.A Bubi Meran/o, where a mate happened to play.

Despite other football fans joining this small group of friends from Lana, boosting the groups numbers to as many as 15(!), the decision was still made to dissolve the group in the same year.

One year later though, young people from Lana, Meran, Algund and Naturns came together once more in order to reanimate the group. After a few games, the enthusiasm for G.A.Bubi grew. The matches became a highlight to the week, and consequently the number of active fans at the games grew to 50-60!

In the 2007/08 season, the first friendship, which has become ever closer, occurred. Members of the Curva Sud from Obermais were met, befriended and mutual visits occurred between the two groups. With time, further contacts were made e.g. to “Vienna Wanderers”(two founding members of BGR, have been living for several years in Vienna), which since the 2011-12 season can be acknowledged as an official friendship.

Furthermore there are also contacts to other antiracist groups, both small and large, throughout Europe. After the successful 2010/11 year, when G.A.Bubi not only won the regional Coppa Italia, but also the championship, a further 3 years in the nationwide Serie B followed, and with it, a new section within the group – the BGR-Girls!

The BGR Girls, with their 5-6 members, show with pride, that women can be fanatics too!! Although the unifying element is support of the club, it has also always been just as important to bring together the various subcultures, and uphold an antiracist viewpoint.

The Brigata stands with those who oppose “ Modern Football”. We stand against the continuing sell out occurring within our sport, from outright commercialisation, to police brutality, to the squeezing out of ultras. The Serie B in Italy already suffers from these issues. Teams who sell out for success, undermine teams with a proletarian connection such as our own club „G.A. Bubi Merano”.

You cant stop us though! In the future you will continue to hear our chants and see our flags fly!


Forza Bubi Merano!


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