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Ultras Bohemians Logo

Ultras Bohemians were born in 2002; the main founder of the groups was a forward thinking man that we reserve to name, who put together a group of people who wanted to do something at Bohemians. Bohemka was known to have a fan scene with a strong anti-fascist tradition, which led to it being ridiculed by the fascists. Around the year 2004, before the collapse of the club, a very good relationship with the fans of St.Pauli was formed, and at home games we routinely exhibited flags against fascism or the logo of St.Pauli.

In 2004 the club went bankrupt, but the fans collected over 3million Czech crowns in a short club and managed to save the club. Over time, the Bohemians fans scene began to attract large percentage of anti-fascists, people from the punk, hardcore and skinhead scene with an antifascist orientation. Anywhere the Ultras go they can always count on the support of local anti-fascists.

Ultras have very good to friendly relations with the club management which comes down to good communication.  In 2011, the club had to relocate to the stadium of our rivals Slavia Praha – Eden -, as our own stadium – Dolíček- didn’t meet the criteria of the FA. There is a big rivalry between us and Slavia which sometimes results in conflict. Our move to Eden was not welcomed by anyone – our own fan scene or the Slavia fans. It led to a rapid decline in attendance and a boycott of home games by most of the fans and ultras from both clubs.

Bohemka was relegated to the second division for the 2012/13 season and we were allowed to return to Dolíček. This meant a return of the good old atmosphere back at Bohemians matches.  In 2013 Bohemka was promoted back to the Premier League and we continue playing in our traditional stadium after receiving permission from the FA. This was only allowed after the club invested into undersoil heating, with financial support of the supporters’ trust fund, which to this day has collected more than 7 million Czech crowns.

We are back in the big leagues in Dolíček with full stands ready for action. We are also happy new young people are frequently joining the ranks of the group in an effort to bring us back to the top of the Ultras scene in the Czech Republic.


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