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Brigada Azulcrema

BAC flagOur team is called Club America. It was founded on October 12, 1916 , the first name at that time was that of ” Centro Union ” the colors were blue and yellow or in this case , cream color.

Since its foundation (which coincided with the date that the American continent was discovered, it was decided to name the club ‘America’). The Club America has written a story full of glory , titles , idols , love and hate , it has risen to become the greatest and most important Mexican club .

Club América was born in the amateur stage of the Mexican soccer by the merger between the “Record” and “Colón” teams, with Rafael Garza Gutiérrez “Record” and Ignacio de la Garza as founders . at that time the team consisted of students from Marist schools that were able to attend Major League in 1918. ( a Marist school was one of the members of religious congregations founded in Mexico under the devoted of the Virgin Mary, in 1901 Archbishop D. Alarcón and M. Sánchez Barquera invited the Marist Brothers to found a school in the capital in 1912 preparatory opened, addition to studies of primary and preparatory education , students possessed printing workshop , joinery, mechanics and tailoring ).

The azul crema team is one of the founders of the first professional Mexican soccer division in 1943 and is now, along with the Guadalajara, the only team to have participated in all the league tournaments. In that decade, despite not getting a trophy, Club América became the arch-rivals of Chivas de Guadalajara, in what today is known as “national classic” or “classic of classics”.

The team was already well established within the first division and the titles returned shortly later when it obtained two consecutive Cup tournaments (1954 and 1955) and a League Champions title (1955).

Beyond qualifications obtained in this period, which marked a turning point in the history of America was when the club was acquired by what is now Televisa in 1959 with Emilio Azcarraga Milmo to the head. The businessman undertook to give the team an important economic support and structure a big team and to lead the club into a new era of success with Guillermo Canedo from Barcena to the wheelof the Club. Since then, the haters at committee of Club America has constantly been confusing the fans with this damn business shit and taken away the passion of football!

That’s Televisa, as you have already read, our football history has important achievements, but when the lucrative businessman arrived, he formed a strong team, if but no longer with the same passion as we used to have with the young students. We are aware that any team needs some major financial resource to survive, regardless of their political situation or idea, it is always investment (anywhere), sponsors will be required, among other things. That does not intervene when we as fans can take the terraces as a trench to protest against directives and owners.

Today, with all the social inequality in Mexico, within football, anyone who speaks of Club America always says “why we they antifascist if theysupport a team that is bourgeois?” we know our history and know that we never have agreed to join their company, this means that our general group “RITUAL DEL KAOZ” the directive wanted to buy us, get us credentials to join as “official firm” of Club America. We always refuse this because we are different, two other groups of fans, one is called “La tremenda Monumental” and “El Disturbio” have subdued and have become members of “the firm official” of club America and whenever we meet in the streets or outside of stadium there is always fights for political issues. Some of their leaders also exhibit Nazi / fascist behaviour and ideology,as such co-existence with them is un-natural for us.

Brigada Azul crema was born in 2005, when the skinheads who was distributed throughout the stands of Ritual del Kaoz decided to stick together and support the Club America from an even more radical way. When we are on the stands we not only supporters of the team, we also do it from an antifascist/anti-racist viewpoint. For example, when we organize protests on the stands we can’t congregate in numbers as the police will arrest us immediately.

Currently we have about 30 members, we are not only skinheads or punks , we also have members from other tastes but always with the antifascist ideal. Before we took the name Brigada Azul Crema others persons called us ” the balds ” ” skins ” , but we didn’t like that they generalize us in such a way as not all of our members are Skinheads , so we decided to put name the group.

Currently many of our members may not be in the stadium every 8 or 15 days because now many already have families and have other priorities, we are the few but we are sufficient to show why being few can do great things . We are a group that we insist and believe in what we do , our ideas, our members are important and we care for all of them very dearly. We are a bunch of antiracists / antifascists from Mexico supporting the club América 1916… the lads and ladies of the Brigada Azul Crema are Antifascists/Antiracists and together members of Ritual del Kaoz… Feel free to join us and catch up the latest news around the club. We also demonstrate support to Ultra groups who exhibit similar stances to ours and political issues, we think are worth fighting for.

PER SEMPRE AZUL CREMA!!! All things published in this written express the views of the Brigada Azul Crema.

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