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KOP 13

KOP 13 logoUltras movement arrived to Algeria in 2007, although before that, Algerians supporters were the leaders in North Africa in all domains (huge fireworks, enthusiastic songs, and big travels with the club away), But all this work in Algeria was random. Creating groups to organize the work was needed.

Kop13 Ultras is created in 2011 by young supporters to bring some new energy to our stage [Colonel Lotfi Stadium]. Initially, we were almost a dozen, we have begun forming the group, members were ambitious, enthusiasts, but without experience. Our weapons were only the will, love of the club and sympathy between our members, because we would share the same adventure. Membership was open to all fans regardless its social situation, the most important is the love of the club. The group took place in North Kop in its first season (2011/2012), when we passed a lot of experiences as difficult as it has enabled us to build our proper character.

The group began its 2nd season, one of the most disastrous season with the decent of the club to the 2nd division, however, the group does not faulted in his duty and always kept its activities and continued realizing its work that has made us known among the club’s fans, but our ambitions were bigger than our means and capacities. The main difficulty is especially, the Ultras mentality among our supporters. The worst of it is the repression and the new laws taken recently against supporters, the increase of the tickets’ prices, corruption and mismanagement of our club.

Africa, being a very diverse and multi-cultural continent is Antira in itself. We as well support this and we do not condone or practise discrimination of any form within our stands. We actively support all the right causes of the world and try to project that in our beliefs and our group culture.

Currently the group is restructuring and our future objectives are:

* Creating a social platform support   and solidarity among members in the everyday life.

* Promote and spread the Ultras Culture.

* Combatting the blind repression in which we are victims.

* Fighting corruption which exists in our club and the football in our country in general.

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