Thursday , October 21 2021
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The Essence of the Rebel Ultras site is to foster communication between all our Antifa/Antira brothers & sisters around the world.

We do this by providing a highly secure communications platform through which key members from every Rebel Ultras group can interact in a spirit of common solidarity and understanding without having to worry about issues of security, as is normally the case when we interact through various social media platforms. For access to this secure platform, all groups are contacted directly by Rebel Ultras and granted access details.

We aim to provide a highly safe and secure communications environment, away from prying eyes, and state observation. As such, we only use the best and most private communication services available today, which guarantee safety of conversations.

Unfortunately we cannot offer these services to all viewers of the blog, but only to selected and trusted people from every group. As such, we guarantee that all conversations are carried out securely and all information or actions posted on our blog are a product of direct consultation with each respective Ultras group.

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