Sunday , December 5 2021
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About RU

The Idea 


The idea for the Rebel Ultras website was initially born a couple of years ago during a conversation with comrades over a few pints of beer. Everyone was mentioning how time consuming it was to stay informed with news from groups around the world. If for example you had contact with 3-4 various Ultras groups in order to stay informed you would either have to be navigating on a daily basis through each respective group’s website or be posting on a daily basis to each group’s forum. Many also had reservations concerning the security of sharing information over specific social media platforms.

Rebel Ultras was thus born. A solid, secure, unified platform, aimed at consolidating all the latest news from Antifa/Antira groups around the world. It would also provide a secure, modern forum to promote discussion in a spirit of solidarity between brothers and sisters, all in one place!



antifa aktion

Rebel Ultras is inherently a site that hates Fascism. In all its forms! Especially nowadays we are witnessing the ever growing and ever expanding threat of Fascism, Neo-Nazism and extreme Nationalism in all four corners of the world. We believe in a world were all people are created equal, governed by tolerance, understanding, empathy and common sense. As a platform we are determined to act as a communication channel to all those brothers and sisters that raise their fists against the Fascist scum.  For rebellion lives on in the hearts and minds of all those comrades that believe in a better world. We welcome all comrades to the cause.

Fight Fascism in every house, on every corner, in every street! We hate Fascists!



imageAll Colours Are Beautiful. Rebel Ultras does NOT discriminate! We aim to encourage dialogue among like-minded Ultras to gain greater knowledge, understanding and an appreciation of the cultural values and beliefs present in all parts of the world. We embrace diversity and resist any form of discrimination whether it be distinction of race, nationality, colour, religion, sex or class.

We actively fight extremism and discrimination wherever this is present and stand side by side to all comrades who do the same.

No Nations- No Borders- One World- One Love !


Against Modern Football

against modern football

Rebel Ultras believes in stadiums that are vibrant! We believe that Football is the opium of the masses and matches should be the centre of lively celebrations and free social expression. We believe in colourful football atmosphere where smoke bombs fill the air,  firecrackers pierce the silence, and pyro lights up the night sky!

We believe that fans should be allowed to stand and jump around and sing as loud as they want until they lose their voices! We are against all those who try to limit and put an end to the free expression of our football culture.

We are against high ticket prices, mass commercialization,  bad game hours due to TV rights manipulations, fully seated stadiums, CCTV incrimination, police brutality and subjugation and all that turns football into nothing more than a business were profit is placed above passion!

We will fight for our Football, we will NOT stay quietly seated in our plastic stadium seats! We will scream and sing and climb on the fences! We are Against Modern Football!

 We will not be silenced!

Rebel Ultras