Saturday , September 18 2021

Frente Rojiblanco, Spain

Hey Rebels! Do you remember last time you read about us? It was on January and we started a boycott due to the sign of a player who blamed our team a few years ago. The club board tried to start a war against us taking every opportunity to attack us but we kept strong and manteined our position.

During the boycott we had many meetings with players, trainers, other fans… They all wanted us supporting. The club board was the only part that wanted to kick uso ut of stadium so… the boycott continued for 3 months.

Meanwhile we made banners against our chairman (past July he asked us for help and a few months later he forget our help) and also a “silent trip” to Almendralejo where the players saw 25 ultras in the stands but without sing any support chant.

We also participated in two different campaigns: one supporting Indar Gorri (Osasuna Ultras) due to detention of most of his members and another against antiultras law showing this message: “football without fans is nothing… respect for fans”.

At the end of March the chairman asked us for a meeting. We get an agreement and the conflictive player apologized and we finished the boycott. On our first match we showed a nice tifo (you can see at the end) and some messages attacking the club board and giving thanks to the players who supported us.

From then till the end of the season the club board continued trying to attack us with every opportunity they had so we continued showing messages against them.

Meanwhile, the team ended on 6th position the best of our team history. We made some good trips. For example we go again to ALmendralejo and… what a difference!!! On February 25 ultras on silent and on May 25 ultras supporting against the table leader.
The season ended but we are already working on next season. For now we only can promise we will be as always… MORE REBELLIOUS!!!!

Rebel Ultras