Saturday , September 18 2021

Season Report


Our Rebel Ultras adventure has started one year ago. At the end of an insane season it’s now time to write a report for our brothers of the Rebel Ultras Network.

After a transition year in our leadership, the group was ready to face new challenges; New president for the club, new president for the group, and many members banned from the stadium, we didn’t start the season in the best conditions. However, our desire to shine and to support our team was much stronger.

First of all, the sportive situation of the club. As you probably know, the previous president let a weak (should I say dying) team. We were conscious that the great ambition of our new president were not enough to balance the harm done in the previous 5 years.

The first months were more than difficult for our players, after an early elimination of Europa League, the team reached the bottom of the table after a loss against Westerlo in October. Even though some specialists and journalist were seeing the club already in second division, we won the derby vs Charleroi at the end of a crazy game on the pitch and in the stands. Same scenario 3 weeks later during the derby against our most hated enemy, Anderlecht. At the end, the team finished in the middle of the league table, a shameful position for a club like Standard. Fortunately, the season and the honour were saved after the team won the Belgian Cup Final against our rival Brugges.

The poor level of our team wasn’t a sufficient reason for us to boycott. All the season long, PHK has been behind its team. The best of our coreographies can be found within this article.
A special big up for the game vs Leuven where the group displayed 4 animations in 90 minutes in order to protest against modern football ruled by money. Article can be found here

The actions in the stadium are of course not enough and the group has been active on many different actions all the year long. In partnership with the Infernos, we organised a collect of clothes for the refugees in Belgium. Another annual event was the food collect organised later in the year.

The political situation in Europe is worrying. Due to the social media, we realised that the information is out of shape. People are swallowing fascist ideas and believes. In December, with the help of the Antifascist network from Liege, we set up a conference/debate about the political situation in Europe, the immigration, the use of social network, and the way to analyse the information. Few of our members took part in the event. The lack of interest from our members when an event is not related to football or beer is regrettable, mostly for our younger members who are more exposed to manipulation.

The season finished in a blaze of glory after the Cup Final against Brugges. The pyroshow organised in the stadium by both groups PHK 04 and UI 96 was the greatest ever seen in Belgium. Thanks to the trophy in cup, Standard will be straight in the group stage of Europa League.

What can we expect for the new season? First of all, more stability in the team. Build a competitive group for Europa League. The championship will also be a major concern after this failed season.
Whatever will happen, the group will always be there behind his players. Ready to overcome new challenges and to travel once again across Europe.

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