Saturday , September 18 2021

Season Restarts

White Angels Zagreb, Croatia

After an almost 6-month break (a way too long time for any Zagreb 041 fan), Zagreb 3rd division finally continued.

Our friends and guests from Hrašće came to play against a young and dashing Zagreb 041. A sunny spring day and a thirst for new football excitement brought more than a hundred fans and football lovers to Dugave stadium, which is amongst the top attendances so far.

The first half was marked by a shy and occasional chant from our little stand. With time and with increasing amount of alcoholic beverages in our throats, the chanting and the atmosphere on the stand continued to grow. Additional enthusiasm for louder support came when Zagreb 041 player Arbutina scored with a magnificent bicycle kick in 28th minute.

Second half brought even better support and louder singing! We are especially glad that the number of spectators actively involved in cheering is constantly increasing. We did not even miss our main song leader who got promoted to left winger on the pitch. The best part came near the end of the match with a large amount of pyro – flares and smoke bombs. After our last game of the autumn we said it was the best pyro show yet, but this time it was even better!

After the match we continued to celebrate our win with a barbecue, bean stew and a quite large amount of beer until the early morning hours…

Rebel Ultras