Saturday , September 18 2021

Back on Track 2016

Guardia Rossa, Austria

To our fellow comrades from Rebel Ultras!

At first we have to say sorry for our quite long absence with news to the latest developments of Guardia Rossa. With the beginning of this years season, Guardia Rossa entered the second-years itch that resulted in some mobilization problems during some rounds. Though we had some really good appearance at the very first game of season when we played away against Hellas Kagran. Hellas Kagran promoted last year to our league and is not only influenced but leaded by some of the most fascist and reactionary scumbags all over Austria. The fans and parts of the squad have thight bonds to the fascist former FC of Austria Wien called „Unsterblich“ and loose bonds to Hellas Verona as well as their president is the far right politician Martin Graf. Therefore we boycotted to enter the stadium and supported our team from behind a fence where we had sight to the pitch. We flashed some banner saying „No cash for fascists“, did some pyro, presented a two-pole showing hammer & sickle and had good support from our friends of Grazer SC while doing so. Unfortunately we lost the game 2:1 After the game at least we had some „verbal action“ with the supporters of Hellas but there had been no possibility to cross the fence. Seats and sticks were thrown but there was no contact at all.

We also had some good choreo in the first round of national cup we qualified as last years winner of the regional cup. We had some „classic“ big banner showing an Ultra with spreaded arms doing some smoke in „his“ hands, wrote some special chants cause of our opponent being a bigwig-club and flashed a Banner for Valentin. We lost 5:1

We also had some good times when we attended the derby of our friends „Tramway Funatix“ from Grazer SC in autumn.

The rest of the season was pretty chequered with some pyro here and some smoke there but nothing special.

Right now, since attending some indoor tournaments of our youth squads and by looking forward to 27.2. when there’ll be seasons kick-off home against Hellas, there is a big „drive“ in the Guardia Rossa again. All Guardisti are motivated to the top as well as we could win some new fellows and members in the last weeks. We are planning and organizing a antifascist FC-tournament in late june as well as we will record some Hip Hop tracks during the upcoming season. And there are loads of ideas for new choreos. In short: Guardia Rossa is back on track!

Rebel Ultras