Saturday , September 25 2021

News and Game Boycott

Frente Rojiblanco, Spain

Hey Rebels!!

Sorry for the delay but… here we are!! Busy times for our group but we can finally get some time to explain you what we have done in this months.
We started the month with a home match against Olivenza (we won 2-1) where we made a pyroshow with smoke bombs. We also showed banners to support the 2nd trainer who suffered his mother’s death; and another for a national journalist who blames our region. After the match we had a party with the team at our fanclub.
We also won against the last team of the table (1-0 vs Santa Amalia) and a draw at home (0-0 vs Jerez) against one of the best teams of the league. At the end of the match we jumped into the pitch to congratulate the players for the good match.
First match of the month was one of the most special things that we can remember as group. We won 2-0 against Extremadura UD, the only team of our league that have played in First Division and was the only team in Spain that had not yet lost… till they visited Azuaga!!!! The support on the last training probably helped the team to win the match.
Before holidays, we were at Valdivia (where we get promoted in 2012) to support the team in a boring match that we draw 0-0.
The new year come with bad news. Our team has signed a new goalkeeper that we know very well. He blamed our team so many times and caused riots on last time we met our rival.
We decided not to support while this guy continues as player of our team. We only look for respect to our shield and our colors. No More!!!!
Rebel Ultras