Saturday , September 25 2021

Happy First Birthday !

White Angels Zagreb, Croatia

White Angels Zagreb, Croatia

Our first birthday party

It all started with some nice football and a few games between the players, fans and the team of our member group KSFF. Instead of one planned friendly we played an entire tournament. The teams were Zagreb 041 A, Zagreb 041 B, KSFF and a team of fans and White angels.

In what was perhaps the most important match of the evening the players beat the fans with minimal 1-0 and thus showed them why their place is on the stands. The player who scored against the fans came to regret it because he had to buy a round of drinks or a scarf to each of them so they could forget the defeat more easily.

We remembered the past half-season with a short presentation that included carefully selected photos of matches, supporters and the concert, and our coach Celestin spoke a few words of praise for all members, players and for what he claims are the best supporters in the world.

The party continued in more relaxing atmosphere with home made liquor, beans sponsored by our KSFF members, karaoke and a very successful auction of various supporter scarves. We sold more than a 100 scarves during the auction and it can be said that we supplied most of our members for the winter.

At karaoke the fans showed more than the players. Their throats, having had much practice supporting the club, sang tunes from Mišo Kovaè to best rock hits of Zabranjeno pušenje and Plavi orkestar.

For the end – a short thanks to everybody who live for this club for the past 365 days – to our FB team, guys handling finance and administration, marketing crew, all the chefs and chef’s aids who feed us after the games, to Bojan who has a limitless amount of beer in his shop, to Ivana and the others who diligently photographed all our matches, to people who draw the lines before the match, to those who take care of the referees and other officials, to those who tackle the administration at Zagreb Football Association, to a team handling the equipment, to fans who yell, drum and light up the stands every match, to coach Celestine and to all players that do their best every match!

Goodbye for now and only 041!

Rebel Ultras