Saturday , September 25 2021

Istanbul United

Front Commun Montreal, Canada

Between October 8-11 took place the 3rd edition of Revolution Fest in Montreal. During this week-end, various musical performances, discussions, workshops and film presentations took place around the themes of anti-fascism and feminism. Front Commun Montreal used this occasion to present the documentary “Istanbul United”, retracing the solidarities developed by supporters of the main teams of Istanbul in their fight against the ruling AKP party.

Despite some valid criticism about sexism among football fans, the screening was very interesting. Indeed, it allowed highly stimulating discussions on the role of football supporters groups, and in sports in general, in political struggles. Obviously, for Front Commun Montreal, these reflections should also lead to an elimination of sexist insults. Finally, this projection had also allowed us to collect funds that were sent to the resistance of the Kurdish population (Red Crescent of Kurdistan).

Rebel Ultras