Thursday , October 21 2021

Another win for Zagreb 041

White Angels Zagreb, Croatia

It was raining the whole day but the weather changed just before the game. Just in time to fill two small stands at the border between Dugave and Hrelić The game started on time while the barbecue was being lit and the stew halfway done.

The only possible outcome of the match was victory. But the opponent did not give in easily. Although Zvonimir Knežević scored in the 8th minute in one of his runs on the left flank, Zagreb had a tough time with Travno. Just before this game Travno signed a new goalkeeper who guaranteed that not every shot would be a goal. He saved a few great shots both from play and from free kicks, and we have hit a few bars and crossbars. The goal that would bring a peaceful end of the game just didn’t come.

At one point the ball was traveling parallel to goal from one side to the other and back at the same chance. The opponent, encouraged by good defending came at us so the game was even, and a mistake from our defense almost led to their goal. Their attacker fumbled the ball at the last moment. At the end of the match Whites managed to score – after the opponent’s keeper parried the ball three times it fell to Zagreb’s debutant Mateo Čosić who scores. It was the 80th minute and it meant a great relief both on the pitch and on the stands. Celebration continued with the stew and barbecue until early morning hours. Next few games are quite challenging for Zagreb – away game at FC Čehi, then home game against Mala Mlaka and a stadium-derby against first-placed Zelengaj.

FC Zagreb 041 has won 2:0 against Travno at home and reached 10 points in 5 games.

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