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PHK 04 – Against Modern Football

PHK 04, Belgium

Our team has probably had the worse season start in the last decade. The former president took with him the maximum amount of money before leaving the club in June: Selling our best players, taking as much dividend as possible, and killing our economic health.

The new president, Bruno Venanzi, knew that he was buying a weak and sick club. Anyway, the club got its mentality and values back, and for that we are happy.

After an elimination of the Europa League and a very poor campaign in the national championship, the team stands almost in the last place (15th out of 16 teams). However, the fans are aware of the change, and believe in the president again. For example, after the away game at Ghent (lost 4-1), Standard Fans stayed in their sector after the game and sang for the team in order to say to the players that we are together, when we win, when we lose, and that together, we will keep fighting and improve the situation of the club.

For this reason, PHK decided to organize a set of actions during the home game against OHL (Leuven) on Saturday 26th of September. The topic of the day was our fight against modern football which is slowly destroying our passion.

The first action took place before the game with different messages displayed in order to protest against the schedules of the games. The banners say:

“Game’ schedules postponed – Dictated from the TV Rights – We are fed up – We want more games on Saturday night” (cause normally games are placed on Fridays or Sundays late in the night)


For the beginning of the game and they entrance of the players on the pitch, we displayed a Tifo Against modern football on our sector.

Five logos appeared on the Tifo from the left to the right:

1. Logo of IBZ, which is the federal service that issues Stadium bans in Belgium
2. CCTV prosecution
3. Football money corruption
4. Police Brutality
5. TV rights determining game days and times

Against Modern Football

A third action took place directly after this one. The group removed the Tifo and started with the green action which consisted on a message, and on many papers held by the fans in the sector with  € or $ crossed. The message says: “FIFA, UEFA, URBSFA (Belgian football association): One motivation: The Money.” On the sides, we put 2 logos, one with hand shaking on the left, and the other one saying “love football – hate business” on the right.

Fifa - Uefa - Urbsfa 2

The last action has been displayed during the second half. A big message said: “Diffidati con noi”. The goal of this message was to support all our friends from Standard who got a stadium ban, since last season, due to fights against fans and police against Feyenoord and Charleroi, but also when they stopped the game against Zulte-Waregem in order to protest against the former president and coach. Another message has been drawn on match day in order to support the ultras from Marseille who are persecuted after the derby against Lyon and who will be under pressure with all the other French ultras groups until after the Euro 2016 is held in France.

Interdits Présents + Soutien OM fans 2 Interdits Présents + Soutien OM fans

Four actions in the same game were displayed for the first time by PHK04. We believe that the fight against the modern football is a huge concern for all the ultras. During the game, we sent a strong mesage to everybody.

We will never give up. We will fight for our passion. We will fight to preserve the best part of Standard, its Stadium, its values, the best part of us, together!

Rebel Ultras