Saturday , September 25 2021
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German Ultras: Refugees Welcome


The arrivals of refugees and migrants in Europe continued unabated and unfortunately there are States that refuse to receive them. Indeed, in recent days we have witnessed an outbreak of violence towards these already exhausted travelling refugees.

“We are ready to die. We are aware that this is a death journey and know that there is no guarantee that we will manage to reach our destination, “said a refugee from Syria.


Terrace of Werder

Hundreds of migrants and refugees are located, for several days at a railway station in Budapest and allowed to board trains bound for Germany.


Fans of Dortmund

This brought the reaction of football supporters in the country. Many Ultras during the weekend hung their banners through which they wanted to show their love for refugees and migrants, in an attempt to change the opinion of State authorities and allow the refugees safe harbor.


5,000 participants in a pro-refugee demo in Dresden

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