Saturday , September 18 2021

Quartograd in Promozione

Quartograd Supporters, Italy

We said that the promotion was only postponed, and here it is, just sooner that expected. Quartograd had been chosen to go in Promozione, the upper category of Italian football, also even though having lost the Play off final. This is because, as often happens in amateur football, some teams weren’t able to inscribe to the championship, and so some places remained free. Quartograd had been pick up because of the good result reached the last season, despite the defeat in the last match. This means that this year we will play in the 6th level of Italian football, after that only 3 years ago we started in the 9th. This is an extraordinary result for popular football, and it proves that shareholder clubs, when guided by the right mentality, can achieve important victories. It will of course be a difficult challenge for us, but we are not scared, and we will face it like all the other challenges that were in front of us in the past. This victory is also more important because “Quarto calcio”, the other team of our city, was not able to inscribe in this years Championship, and that means that now we are the only club in town, a reason more to put all our strength in this project.

Another great challenge has been the creation of a Juniores team, so now Quartograd will be double. At the beginning of July we selected the players, all between 16 and 18 years old, to create a second team that will play in the championship dedicated to minors. “We want to involve others in this reality, to teach them how to approach to a new model of self-management and social relations, a model in which everyone work to safeguard the interest of the collective. The Quartograd is much more than a football team, it’s a way of life”, said Pasquale Capuano, our sporting director.

The coach will be Ivano Uccelo, former Quartograd player, that have been with us since the birth of the club, and that, in the past, also played in the youth sector of Ssc Napoli. “I’m sorry to have to leave the pitch, but I’m excited for this new adventure. My main objective will be to let this young players grow and to allow some of them to play one day in the first team”, he said.


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