Saturday , September 25 2021
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Summary for the Last Year

Vamos Bien logoFirstly, we are so sorry for not being able to inform you guys since ages. As you all know we do not take place in the stands for the last two seasons and apparently the following one also because of the e-ticket and a stupid application called Passolig and of course because of the dictatorial and fascist management of our club.

However, this never means that we are doing nothing. We are a part of solidarity football league for the last two years which is called Karşı Lig (Opposite (Anti) League). This is a solidarity league with some unities from Gezi Protests, fan groups, unions, left-wing media workers, vegans, anarchists, LGBTI organizations / individuals… We play every Saturday, and usually all of the teams prepare a banner or flyers about hot topics going on in the country or in the world.

After the last flash transfers our club has made like Nani and Van Persie, most of our so called comrades bought season tickets last week. The last bulletin we published which is called ‘Bizim için Okul Kapalı – means ‘School is still closed for us’ was about that. (name of our stands is called Okul Açık (direct translation is Open School)

It was because people thought we were also going back to the stands and we wanted to make it clear that nothing has changed with the transfers. The administration is still the same, the E-ticket and the Bank Card (Passolig – it is still obligatory to have one if you want to go to the games) thing still goes on… It is such a shame that so many people are fooled with the transfers. We wanted to emphasize that we are not going back as long as this stupidity (E- ticket and Passolig) goes on.

Last, but not the least, on the 20th of July, there had been a suicide bomb attack (by ISIS, supported by AKP (ruling party in the government)) in Suruç, Gaziantep, 10 kms near the Syrian border. There were 300 voluntary people, mostly young university students who were trying to reach Kobane, Kurdish village next to the border, who went there to rebuild the village after the ISIS attacks. They were there to rebuild libraries, schools, children parks, hospitals. We lost 32 comrades and there are lots of badly injured people. During the protests in many cities for the last few days, there had been a brutal police attack to the protesters.

In one sentence – Things are NOT going well.

But we are Vamos Bien (we’re going good), we do not give in – we do not give up!

Rebel Ultras