Thursday , October 21 2021

Short Season Review

PHK 04, Belgium

This season was mostly highlighted by the many protests against the former (Finally!!) president Duchatelet, and against the coach Luzon.

We believe its also significant to bear in mind that PHK was in its 11th season and we following our successful 10 years season, with actions both on and off the pitch, we saw a slight down-turn in our coreographies this year. this is primarily attributed to the fact that we are in a “transitional”  period where our group’s leadership has been allocating an increased amount of responsibilities to other members in order to bring about smoothly a renewal of the leadership.

However, we made some original choreographies which have attracted widespread attention (i.e. vs Anderlecht with the clown swallowing the hated flag), some pyroshows, and generally we have pursued to follow the team everywhere even with a reduced amount of members.

The last important chapter was the away game at Feyenoord in rotterdam. All Standard Fans were united IN and OUT of the stadium and fought the cops together after transforming the away sector in a real hell. That game could be what we can call as a “Ultras Dream Game”.


Rebel Ultras