Saturday , September 18 2021

Football, Cinema and ROCK!

Frente Rojiblanco, Spain

Since our last report a lot of things have happened around our group, our team and our town.

We start with football. Last part of season was not good for our team. We only won one of the last ten matches so we ended season in 8th position but it isn’t a bad position. We have equaled the best ever position of our team.

We are not going to tell you all about the boring matches but we want to do a little summary of important things that happened in some matches. For example, 8th March was the International Day of Worker Women. We show a banner with the motto “Mujer que piensa, mujer despierta, mujer que lucha” that means “Woman who thinks, woman who is ready, woman who fights”

Middle of March we went to Almendralejo to play against Extremadura (one of the two teams from our region that have played in Spanish first division). We draw 1-1 with an AMAZING support from 50 crazy guys from Azuaga.

In April we showed a nice tifo with an historic photo of Mohamed Ali knocking Sonny Liston and the motto “Solo podemos vencer” that means “We only can win”. We played this day against the eventual league champions.

And in the last game of the season we showed a tifo at the end of the match with a lot of little banners with the team shield and the motto “Hasta la muerte” that means “Till the death” because there were possibilities of our team disappear at end of the season but finally we managed to keep it alive :)

But there more things apart from football!!! For example, as every year we are preparing our summer cinema. We always watch interesting movies that allow us to have constructive discussions. For this summer we are going to watch ‘Gran Torino’, for speak about racism, ‘El Pico’, a basque country movie that speaks about how the government introduced heroine at Basque Country, ‘Morir de pie’ to speak about feminism, ‘Los santos inocentes’ about ‘old regime’ in our region, and ‘American History X’, to speak about Nazism and Racism.

We also are preparing our typical summer football tournament (and of course the after party!) and a rock festival. This is very important for us because our town had a very important rock festival some years ago called ‘Viriato Rock’ (Viriato was a hispanic warrior who beat Roman Imperium and legend says he died in our town). A lot of national and international rock bands played at our town but 8 years ago the new government killed our festival. Now we are doing a new one with two local bands and another band from Vallekas.

Rebel Ultras