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Roundup, Hoolfesta, CONCACAF & Anti-Homophobia Action


BAC flagFollowing the month of December, when our team achieved its 12th league’s title, transforming themselves to the most successful club in Mexican football history, we were all jubilant.
Well, after of that we had the holidays outside the terraces, we dedicated 90% of time in organizing the Hoolfesta’s first edition because we would have a lot of music bands and also some guests from Sankt Pauli and Osnabruck,
Also we had troubles about the place to celebrate the gig and the owners from each place we asked to organise the Hoolfesta gave us a negative answser for using their space. Finally a week before the event we found a place for the gig, it was cutting things a bit too short however it was worth the organizators losing 3 days on their jobs because were looking for one safe place for the Hoolfesta.
The objective was achieved one day before but the most curious was that the deal with the owner was made through a phone call!

The festival was not about making money, as the the ticket was priced at a kilogram of help; as such foods non-perishables, blankets, clothes and medicines, toys as well were accepted as entrance “fee”.

That after of that it would be spread around the rural and marginal zones in Mexico. Well, everything was so good and only it had one violent mishap by one guy so drunk on the second day of festival. We think that those kind of stuff should not happen however we cannot control the drinking shape of a person! You can check the album of the Festival in the link below.


Without political actions after of the festival, we dedicated our time for our fanzine and oprganising support to club América so it would be stronger than before. Club América went on to win the CONCACAF championship against Impact Montreal (where there is another good REBEL ULTRA group: Front Commun Montreal) and where the first game in the Estadio Azteca ended with a 1:1 draw, after the first game everything was to be decided in Montreal, the rest is history and you can check it in the videos.

The group had recently the campaign against Homophobia with help from our friends from London and Manchester (FARE Network and Pride Sports). The targets of the campaign were the following:

  • Making existing football structures safe, welcoming and inclusive for LGBT people
  • Creating opportunities for LGBT people to engage with football
  • Improving the representation of LGBT people throughout football

The day was an open period and anyone can take action on discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.
So, with this one, the group spread propaganda, stickers in  the stadium surrounding area; with our people from the bulk of the organization, also with help of other people, some of them LGBT community that joined us, we made a small tifo inside the stadium during the last minutes of the game. For the sporting records our team was eliminated from the competence playoffs against Club Pachuca and thats were the season was officially finished for us. The season will start again in August.





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