Thursday , October 21 2021

New Team, New Action

Black Rebels, Poland

A winter break ended. It wasn’t a good time for Polonia Warszawa.
For the beginning change of the coach (which one?). Darek Dzwigała, walked away for the higher league competition. Marek Konko became a new coach – person without experience and the charisma. Later rotation of players – almost a half of the team was exchanged.
We have many new players – the team is composed mainly of young and inexperienced competitors. They have ambition but at times this seems too little.
Before the season the team played a few friendlies- it wasn’t optimistic.
The start of the league competition confirmed our anxieties; after four matches we have two defeats, a draw and one victory. It is horror but hope is always there. Before us still a lot of matches and we will be fighting.

The other problem is construction of the new professional club – the team all the time is playing as the part of the youth club. A year ago it seemed that it was a formality and quickly we will build the club – based on fans. Unfortunately quarrels and arguments between interest groups are still ongoing. Nobody knows what future will be for Polonia Warszawa.

Our life isn’t only matches. We are a part of the anti-fascist movement and it is an important part of our activity.
27 January – anniversary of freeing camps Auschwitz – we placed flowers at a monument commemorating the victims of the Holocaust.
Recently a friend visited us from Kiev – Kijev Arsenal are our friends. He told us about events in the Ukraine – without the propaganda.

Rebel Ultras