Saturday , September 25 2021
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Glorious Victory Dedicated to Lele

Gruppo Autonomo Viareggio, Italy

Here comes the most anticipated game of the year, the derby, the “el classico”!

Unfortunately, on the occasion of this match, the police performs yet another act of repression by banning for trivial reasons the trip for the visiting fans, cancelling every principle of free movement of people, freedom that should be guaranteed by the constitution and international human rights!

To express the disgust and anger towards these measures taken by the police, the boys of the group organized, before the game, an unauthorized march against repression from the club to the hockey arena, with a banner in front: Stop Prohibitions Ultras Free.

Start of the game and soon the boys of the group give life with a great cheer and against all odds the game ends with the victory of Viareggio 3 to 2.

But unfortunately the joy for the unexpected victory was immediately cut short by a tragic news, in fact a few moments after the end of the game we received the news that LELE, historic ultras of Viareggio died after a serious illness.

We dedicate this victory to you, CIAO LELE!

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