Saturday , September 18 2021

Recent Games and Action

During winter break is in Prague 2 demonstration for the support of the new squat “Klinika“ and demonstrations for Russian anti-fascists

Bohemians Praha 1905 – FC Vysočina Jihlava

First match after the autumn pause we prepared the choreography for the 120th anniversary of founding of our club, on the choreography we display all our logos which had during its history of our club.

FK Baumit Jablonec – Bohemians Praha 1905

On this trip we go by bus and cars in the sector, we meet around 200 people we support the whole match and losing shamefully 3:0

Bohemians Praha 1905 – 1. FK Příbram
Because that is was the international day of women we decided to do the choreography Bohemácký Women’s Day, women have had on this match free entry

FC Hradec Králové – Bohemians Praha 1905
This match again we travelled by bus, we support the whole game after the game, skirmishes broke out with the police and security, Our club then got fined by the Association for riots 10 thousand

Video from the incident can be found by clicking HERE

Bohemians Praha 1905 – FK Dukla Praha
smaller derby, this match we had two tifos one for the Družstvo Fanoušků Bohemians (Cooperative Supporters of Bohemians – who 10 years ago helped save our club) and celebrated 10 years since its foundation.

Other choreo was very simple year 1905, in the middle sign Vrsovice


The derby! We marched from our stadium everyone in white t-shirt, and arrived some with our friends from Trenčín.

Rebel Ultras