Saturday , September 18 2021
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Games and Planned Antifa Action

Guardia Rossa, Austria

The last five weeks had been quite intense for Guardia Rossa. Besides the fact that we just scored six points in the last five games in championship and promotion is now almost impossible we had been thretened several times by the federation cause of the use of pyro. Instead of guarding the FC, the club’s functionaries thought about repressions. After boycotting the first half of the most important game in season (pic; game lost 0:1) against leader SV Albania, the squad and the coaches took pressure on the officials to reconsider their federation-friendly approach against their own FC. Two weeks later in Cup we then played against Admira Wien (last year’s winner) and won 1:0 at home after showing a nice choreo screening the year of foundation and of course, pyro(pic). In the same game we flashed a banner in solidarity with one of our comrades – he had been sued, cause he is wrongly accused for attacking a police bastard (pic).

The next bigger choreo planned will be shown on the 1st of May – International Workers Day. The Guardia Rossa will presumably dress up with dungarees, reflektive vests and helmets and will flash a Hammer & Sickle banner.

And we still organize the antifascist FC-tournament on our homeground in July as well as there are some antifascist demonstrations and rallies upcoming in Austria (70 years of Liberation) Guardia Rossa will join.

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