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Revolutionary New Croatian Club

Zagreb 041 EmblemWhite Angels Zagreb together with many more different activists, enthusiasts and football fans have organised a new football club – NK Zagreb 041

Everything started more than year and a half ago when few of WAZ members started to talk about forming new club and go away from NK Zagreb we loved. Main reasons were constant threats from club president and his cousin, we went from first to second division (first time ever) and other reason such as corruption in the FA, shitty match days ( home matches were always on Friday ) and Dinamo is always champion so what is the reason to play any way.

So after a lot of work, research and meetings on 01.12.2014 we held our founding meeting with more then 40 people. And from there on we had even more work, meeting and paperwork to get the club registered, and i now can proudly say that we have first fan owned antiracist football club in former Yugoslavia.

A club that is owned by it’s members with horizontally structures (direct democracy) and now with almost 70 members ( for Croatia that really means a lot ). Coach of the club will be an asylum seekers (with international football experience) and many more of them will play for our club and in that way we will continue our work with refugees.

Next season we will start in 7th division fighting our way to the top with a team that nobody in Croatia could expect.

The club will fight on all levels against all kinds of corruption and clientelism, as this disease has practically destroyed this sport. It will also fight against all kinds of discrimination promoting the message of reclaiming football as a sport of solidarity, healthy competition and of respecting one’s opponent: a sport we all love because of its simplicity and beauty.

So like us and follow us here and soon here

And if you wish to join and become part of club history contact us on FB or mail [email protected] ( soon official @nkzagreb041 mail)

In the end of the year expect two short documentary movies about us because we have two different crews ( on from Croatia and one from Slovenia ) filming everything that is happening from the beginning of December till the beginning of next season.

So fuck modern football, fuck uefa, fuck racism, fuck fascism and love 041



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