Saturday , September 25 2021

Celebrating 10 Years- SL

Sector Latino, USA

10 Anniversary of Sector*Latino As the Chicago fire was set to play their first home game of the 2015 season of the “renovated” MLS league.

Sector Latino was ready to come back to the stands after 5 months of no activity and celebrate 10 years as a supporter group for the Chicago Fire club. The game itself was pretty intense as both teams were looking for the win, but the real action happen in the stands as SL*12 release 2 new banners in commemoration of the 10 anniversary and a giant tifo display in the beginning of the game.

After a disappointing loss to the Whitecaps, Sector did not loose the celebration spirit and came back with a flare display in the outskirts of the Toyota Park stadium that of course caused some minor issues with the local authorities but no mayor issues develop.

SL*12 looks foward to learn and expand as a group with firm ideals of Antiracism this season an have already started to work on some projects with other Antifa groups coming up in the USA….


Rebel Ultras