Thursday , October 21 2021

Winter Report

Frente Rojiblanco, Spain

Regards to all our big antifa family! Here we are again with a new monthly report. We have played only 3 matches at February because our home match against ‘Deportivo Pacense’ (last team at the table) was suspended by Federation’s strike.

First match of February was at home against ‘Coria’. This is one of the team that is battling our team for upper-table places. We beat them 1-0 with a goal at 93 minute scored by Alvaro, a player that we consider almost a member of the group and is a person whose values ​​are enviable. The goal unleashed madness among us.
Next week our team played at ‘Santa Amalia’ a little town Amalia is a small town whose team is in this division due to the financing of a private company Aportacion. Last year they asked us €10 to enter the stadium so this year we decided not to travel and support our reserve team home match. We explained to the players and they understood us.
So we were supporting our reserve team home match against ‘Torremejía’, one of the playoff places team. Our guys won 3-1.
After that there was another two weeks without support for our team. The first was due to the strike and the other an away match that we could not attend.
Finally, we had a home match against ‘Castuera’. We showed a tifo that we had prepared for the suspended match that coincided with Valentine’s Day but we used for this match. It was a heart that contains the motto ‘No puedo arrepentirme de este amor’ (I can’t regret this love). It’s from a great song by an Argentinian rock band called Attaque77.
We also showed a message against Javier Tebas, president of Spanish Football League. Thousands of fans from all Spanish teams are carrying out a protest against this person. The message said ‘De Primera a Tercera: Tebas fuera’ (From 1st Division to 3rd Division: Tebas out). It was a claim to unite everyone regardless ideology or category.
And this was all that happened for us this month. We will come back last days of March to tell you how was this month.
Rebel Ultras