Saturday , September 25 2021

KOP 13 Latest News

KOP 13, Algeria

New Year, new resolution!

For 2015, which coincides with the return phase of 2nd division league, the group took the decision to boycott all games outside the city as well as the organization of protest actions for home games of our team.

These last 2 months, the club played until now 5 games in which 3 were away, « Relizan » (360 km) « Khroub » (900km) & « Batna » (900km). As provided no member of the group has travelled.

And two home games against “Hadjout”, the match mark the beginning of the boycott of the group and the majority of the club’s fans, Only 5 members were presents with reversed banner.

The other home game against “Bordj” with a protest message against the ticket price increase, « Ticket with 200/300DA, we are not all rich »

The next few months will be decisive as the fight against corruption within the club will grow as the repression will be more abusive.

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