Saturday , February 27 2021


Gruppo Autonomo Viareggio, Italy

Match report vs Lodi.

The CGC continued its season surpassing the most optimistic expectations, and the seventh day hosting the Lodi for a game that always raises eyebrows.

In fact the two sides are historical rivals since the late 80s, mainly for political reasons,since Lodi fan base is predominantly right wing, unfortunately state repression also affects “minor” sports like hockey, in fact since 2010/2011 the fans have not met because of PROHIBITION OF TRAVELLING TO AWAY games, this year was no exception, in fact few days before the game, the police of Viareggio issued an ordinance forbidding residents in the province of Lodi to buy tickets for the match..

In protest against this “Ennessimo Soppruso” that the ultras are forced to follow on a daily basis our group exposed a major banner at the start of the match which displayed “ENOUGH BANS! FREE THE ULTRAS”

During the match, which ended with our first defeat of the season in a score 2-3 we exposed another two banners, one FORZA GIALU LOTTA DA ULTRAS, in favor of a boys of the Pisa Curva Nord, who is struggling against a disease, and another banner CUCCHI VIVE, in memory of Stefano Cucchi, a boy jailed wrongly by police who is still fighting to find justice.

Despite the repression that affects us every day we are always at the forefront….



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