Saturday , September 18 2021

2015 Roundup

Guardia Rossa, Austria

Within the last weeks Guardia Rossa had been quite active though there was season break. We supported the squad in their pre-season games with some pyro and smoke actions when we played against a companioned team and against those from higher leagues but nothing special. No choreos.

We supported our U14-squad when they played an indoor tournament and joined an important pre-season game of our U18 team.
We produced our first fanmagazine and shirts to sell and made a small vid of our best actions so far.
Yesterday the second leg of season started and we won sovereign 6:0 home against the last on table. Classic banner & flag choreo with pyro and smoke. Frequent support. Unfortunately no pics.
It was the first time today that fascists came to our playground. They vanished as quickly as they appeard when they recognized the determination of Guardia Rossa. To some of us this was quite a pity.

The upcoming two games are quite important and tencious. First the derby away and a week later against the leader home who has a good fanbase but no ultras. At the derby we’ll show a vertical choreo „1903“ (foundation), where the digits are cutted out and pyro in the back. Against the leader we’ll show a big pyro & scarf choreo and presumably some speach banner
Offside the field Guardia Rossa took part at two effective blockades against some fascist scum that wanted to march through the city and we attended the foundation of ‚football fans against homophobia Austria’.

Right now we are organizing some plasma donation with the whole team. As you get 20€ for each donation, the whole income will become part of our FC-pot with which we want to finance a scoreboard for our playground without needing a sponsorship or a patron.
Besides we are organizing some celebration with BBQ and music for all left terraces in Vienna on the first of May as well as an antifascist FC-tournament that will take part in June at our ground. You’re welcomed!

Rebel Ultras