Saturday , September 18 2021

A trip to neonazi Bassno

Gruppo Autonomo Viareggio, Italy

The season of C.G.C. continues at full speed, and the Qunta day goes away to face the Bassano, after the incidents last season this promised to be an eventful trip for the boys of G * A, who started for Bassano with about twenty boys.

On arrival at Bassno there are problems with the Giallorossi fans who preferred not to be seen, also given the large number of police officers present at the grounds.

The game ends with a tie at 6-6, a result that satisfies the blacks and whites of Viareggio, with a great performance by the ultras of Viareggio, which made their presence heard despite the numerical advantage of the hosts.  Our boys pushed the team on unceasingly , managing to overpower at many parts of the tie the home crowd, who despite their numbers could not follow our volume and rhythm in cheer.

Before exiting the stadium we had the first verbal confrontations with the Nazis who came to Viareggio last season and made a ran for it at  the end of the game. Once outside around thirty of their fans sought confrontation, but the police presence prevented the fans from coming into contact.  after a few minutes of confusion between the supporters and the security forces, things calmed down and our fans could now make their way back home …. waiting for the return fixture now to show those Nazi bastards once again………..

that Viareggio is Antifa!!!

Rebel Ultras