Saturday , September 25 2021

Following everywhere!

Frente Rojiblanco, Spain

The new year started just as it had ended the previous one: full of football. Sunday 4th of January we had the first match of 2015 against ‘Atlético San José’ the second team of ‘Almendralejo’ that shares a stadium with a major team of the city: ‘Extremadura UD’.

Ten members of the group traveled to ‘Almendralejo’ for support our team that was beaten by ‘Atlético San José’ 2-1. This was the last match of the first round.

Second round started next week with another away game for us. We moved again ten members of the group to ‘Fuente de Cantos’ where our team drew 1-1 with a last-minute-goal.

First and only home match was against ‘Olivenza CF’. It was a very strange game because we could not see anything from the stands by dense fog. Our team won 3-1.

Last match of the month for our team was a drew at ‘Don Benito’ where 14 members of the groups were supporting the team and having a good day at Don Benito’s pubs.

We have also attending our reserve team match at home and helping our club to find money due to difficult economic situation for a humble club.

Rebel Ultras