Thursday , October 21 2021

Season Roundup. Part 2

Front Commun Montreal, Canada

To continue about the good news, a new player has signed a contract with the club: Marco Donadel. The Montreal Impact follows its traditional way of doing things: looking in Italia to find players. We hope the team will focus on adding players that will have a real « impact » on the club’s performance. The MLS cup was played on sunday, December the 7th and the Los Angeles Galaxy won a fifth MLS cup (a record in MLS). We would love to see the Impact build a long term team like in LA (probably the $ and the beaches also explain why the team succeed in signing significant players).

Alongside the field, Front Commun Montréal continues its actions to support the Montreal Impact FC. This year we’ve tried to be more involve in the terraces and in our community. In the Montreal kop, we continue to take a better position, especially to denounce political right-wings influence around the field. Next year will certainly be determinant on this issue. Also, we are all engaged in a social protest against austerity in Quebec and Canada.

Even if we think that we’ve done a great job this year, we, Front Commun Montréal, and the Montreal Impact, obviously need the participation of a greater number of persons to be more influent in and out of the terraces.

Front Commun Montréal

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