Saturday , September 25 2021
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Antifa Lives On in Jimmy’s Memory

Bad days for Spanish Antifa ultras. As probably you know Jimmy, Riazor Blues member, was killed in Madrid by a fascist a few hours before a match between Atletico de Madrid and Deportivo. This murder has marked all days till now: mass-media attacking ultras (focused on left-wing ultras), police and government using this for increasing repression, and society with a bad mind of ultras because of mass-media lies.

We only want to say that we reject this fascist murder. We send our support to Jimmy’s family and friends and also to all Riazor Blues people.
Turning to Azuaga, we had 3 matches this month: 2 wins and a draw. Amazing results that place our team in 6th place. It’s the best position for more than 80 years history of our team.
First match was at home against Zafra. An important date for us because we received our friends of ‘Frente Azul’. As always, we spent a great day with much alcohol, music and football atmosphere. We won 1-0.
As we told you in our last report, we have a new terrace. We used it for the first time with a ‘rhythm-ska tifo’. All people danced and singed supporting Azuaga  to the rhythm of ‘man-ska’ made for the occasion with thirty new flags.
The supporting was the best of the season and we recovered songs and choreography that had fallen into oblivion. We also displayed a message due to Jimmy’s death with the motto “Las mentiras de los medios jamás borrarán tu recuerdo” (Mass-media lies will never erase your memory) in rejection of the mass media campaign has tried to create a ‘smokescreen’ about this crime to put the spotlight on the murdered, his family, his friends and his group.
Next week we played against ‘Sanvicenteño CP’ a recently promoted team that is on the relegation places now. We beat them 1-2 with a goal in last minute. Only 2 members could follow the team on that day.
Last year’s match was at home against ‘Jerez CF’ that it currently in 3rd place. They have a good defense who has not conceded many goals this season and accumulated an unbeaten record of more than 12 consecutive games; but our team did a great match and was close to winning it. At the end we drew 1-1. Great game for our players who we were also supported in training before the match with a pyro show and a message with the motto “Gracias por honrar nuestro escudo” (Thanks for honoring our shield).
For the New Year just hope to be next to our team, although there are people who would like us not to be anywhere near Spanish football.
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