Saturday , September 18 2021

A Place to Call Home!

Nostalgia Canaglia, Italy

Quartograd has his new home: Terzo Tempo!

At the end of the year Quartograd is second in the standings of the Championship of Prima Categoria. We won the last two matches, 3-1 at home against Sporting Lusciano (for us Capuano, Rizzo, Vacca) and 1-4 away against Real Martinese Curti (for us Capuano 2, Gaeta and Casolare), but unfortunately we lost at home against Mondragone 1-4, third defeat of the season, and we drew 0-0 with Teano Calcio.

On the terraces we showed banners to denounce the shameful judgment that acquitted the policemen that killed Stefano Cucchi in jail, and also the link between mafia and fascists that emerged after a scandal in Rome. In every match we had our brother Francesco “Somalo” in our heart, voicing out loud in favour of his freedom! In November, after the match with Teano we went to pay respect to the grave of Antonio Gramsci.

The best is that we finally have a home: our Terzo Tempo (Third half). It will be a place in which we will stay toghether, players and supporters, to drink beer, read books, play, listen to music, organize concerts and much more. We will do workshops, we will compare ideas and imagine new projects to spread the Antifa word all around our city and beyond.

A new year is about to start, many battles still to fight. We will be there, on the terraces and in the streets, always with the blue and red colors in our hearts
Avanti Quartograd! Like a wave that sweeps everything in its wake!



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