Saturday , September 18 2021

Antifa Demo- Warsaw

Black Rebels, Poland

The anti-fascist demonstration took place on 8 November in Warsaw. In this way we celebrated the International Day of the Fight against the Fascism and the Anti-Semitism. In spite of the bad weather (rain, wind, cold) over 1500 persons arrived up to the gate by the Warsaw University.

There were members of all antifascist groups and the organization from entire Poland and guests from Germany, the Czech Republic and Belarus.

University it is a symbolic place. In years 30 fascist hit squads carried anti-Semitic attacks out here.

At first we went to the Houses of Parliament, where the international delegation of antifascists switched candles on beneath the monument to the Home Army – of heroes which struggled against the Nazi occupation.

Next the demonstration reached under squats; Syrena and Przychodnia – a year before we defended the ones place before the attack by fascists.

The end was in the square where is standing with Rainbow – this installation is a symbol of the fight against the extreme right wing. They still are demanding for her removing, several times was set fire – for them a Rainbow is a symbol of the homosexuality. For us it is a symbol of the freedom.

There were many speeches of members of the anti-fascist move, trade unions, people of the culture during the demonstration. Everyone talked about the threat a fascism is which and about how the crisis of the capitalism is supporting fascists. Fascists are servants of capitalists.

That day streets were ours – fascists didn’t dare to appear. After the demonstration we played in clubs which special attractions organised for participants in the demonstration.

Poland, the same as entire Eastern Europe, it is a place where fascists are a great threat. Every year hundreds of attacks are happening – many persons are beaten up. Murders aren’t an exception. Fascists are acting more and more strongly and administration and the church are supporting them. Anti-fascist groups must get by alone. Every day is a fight. NO PASARAN!

Rebel Ultras