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Barflies United 10 Years and More News

Ultras Bohemians, Czech Rep.


You haven’t heard from us in a while so we said we will come back with our roundup! A lot has happened.

FK Teplice        –          Bohemians      4:1

We support even without drums and Speaker very well. We travelled in good numbers and we also had a flag for imprisoned anti-fascists from Russia.



Bohemians      –          FC Slovan Liberec        2:4

Due to televised match played on Friday at a quarter to nine. On this match arrived some people from Partizan Minsk! Thanks!

FK Mladá Boleslav      –          Bohemians      1:0

Support from the start was good. After receiving the goal support slightly declined, but the whole second half to go really fanatical style and support was great. Overall, our sector about 120 people + a few dozen kangaroos in the “neighborhood” of our sector

 Bohemians    –        FC Zbrojovka Brno           0:0

A few days before the game is a lot written and spoken about Brno boycott addressable ticketing sector to guests, who ultimately really empty. According to our information, however, fifty to sixty fans of was on the sector A1. We have choreography For Bohemka and Dolicek we will fight! Pyro, Kids and smoke J lad from Partizan Minsk

FC Viktoria Plzeň         –          Bohemians      2:1

In the sector of around 300 people, boring match :D

Bohemians      –          1.FC Slovácko  1:2

We have prepared 3 choreography

1.  “Since I’ve known you i have a wonderful feeling in my heart”

2. 10 anniversary of the of friendship between Bohemians and Sankt Pauli

3. thanks to players for half of the season

 LBHR (Love Bohemians Hate Racism)

 And a photo with our Hamburg brothers at the 10 year anniversary.


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